Precision Skin Marking and Labeling Systems


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The most common style for general use. The Suremark labels are perfect for distinguishing between a nipple shadow and lesion, thereby reducing costly repeat examinations.



CT Mark:

This specially formulated non-metallic material is the result of years of research and development, resulting in a virtually artifact-free opaque marker that is perfect for nearly all CT marking applications.



LiquiMark MRI Markers

Line of fiducial markers for MRI that keeps your budget in line. LiquiMark markers are non-metallic, latex-free, and perform consistently and accurately in a variety of applications. 



PortalMark Label

In lieu of permanent or temporary tattoos, apply PortalMark™ labels to delineate radiation treatment areas. Their premium medical grade adhesive is hypo-allergenic and latex-free, resulting in less irritation for the patient. PortalMark™ labels are constructed of waterproof, yet breathable material for maximum performance and comfort for up to two weeks. Our unique Suregrip™ applicator discs ensure easy and accurate placement of PortalMark™ labels without contaminating the adhesive.


VisionLine Kids

Give kids a choice when they feel like they don't have one with these fun, lighthearted precision skin markers. Puppies, kittens, pandas, and more for kids to choose their favorite!




LeftRight Markers

These disposable LEFT and RIGHT markers are useful in a variety of situations, including bloody trauma cases, portable procedures, and isolation cases. Each label contains a 1/2" (1.2cm) lead letter mounted on a 7/8" (2.23cm) x 1 7/8" (4.76cm) backing, with an easy-peel edge for convenient removal after label used.


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